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Since 2001 we attend and optimize customer IT infrastructures. Our solutions always adjust to our customers' IT infrastructure and individual processes. Additionally, we have been active in several different IT research projects, both national and international ones.

DECOIT GmbH - About us

IT consulting, system integration and management, software development -
we feel home working on IT infrastructures and software.

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Research & Development

We have managed & participated in many research projects & constantly develop new software applications based on Open Source Software.

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Research Cooperations

We have worked with several research partners in different research projects over the last 15 years (please see below).

Interested in becoming our research partner?

Do you have a great idea for a research topic and need competent partners to realize it? Please contact us.

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Vendor Cooperations and Open Source Solutions

In order to stay vendor-neutral we do not engage in contracts that oblige us to sell a certain amount of software licences. But we do cooperate with vendors by offering their products as part of our product portfolio. That way, we are able to offer a wide range of options and solutions to satisfy customer needs. The following companies, products and open source software are partner companies or software that we offer and/or work with.

Great solution missing?

We are always looking for new interesting solutions, especially ones that have been realized with Open Source Software. Feel free to contact us.

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